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Boolean Searching

  1. Boolean (default): results by relevance. Enter the following operators at the beginning or end of a search term.
    • +: leading plus sign requires the search term to be present.
    • -: leading minus sign requires the search term to be absent.
    • *: appended asterisk is the truncation operator.
    • ": phrase enclosed in quotation marks requires that exact phrase.
  2. Keyword: results with ANY of the search terms. results are ordered by relevance, so those with more search terms are higher in the list.
  3. Exact match: results contain the exact phrase entered.

These common words are ignored in all but the exact match search, and additional search operators are possible .

Handwriten Items or Notes on Items

Only some handwriting from items is transcribed to the text metadata field to allow for full-text searching. Priority is given to the names of people and the name of the organization that created the item.